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Limited Liability Company "Grain Remake company "UMAS" is well-known and enjoys confidence at the local market and within Ukraine in general, what evidences about the high quality of our products and services.  

Our products are made under the Trade Mark "Albinos" and are tested (certified) for the presence of genetically modified organisms in accordance of the State Standards of Ukraine ISO 21571:2008, ISO 21569:2008.

Products made by the company are used in bakery, pastry shops, food and flavors enterprises, public catering enterprises and trade, enterprises producing pasta.

The company provides the delivery services of ready-made products to customers, having at its disposal transport subdivision. Delivery services: FCA, CPT (Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland).

Unconditional quality of TM "Albinos" - is the result of combination of traditions and modern technologies.

Due to the devoted and hardworking professionals, qualified experts, the presence of accredited laboratories, we always maintain quality standards of our products.

Wheat flour

Wheat flour "Albinos" – is flour rich in nutrients.

With all fiber features, wheat flour is the first choice for health conscious people.

Flour is made of white wheat of soft varieties..

Wheat flour of high grade is bright and white; it is used for baking (croissants, baguettes, rolls and biscuit baking) and confectionery products (cakes, pastries, cookies) of higher quality. It almost corresponds the European standards: Type 55 (France), Type 550 (Germany), Type 550 (Poland).

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Rye flour

Rye flour is made from rye grain and is intended for making bakery and confectionery products, contains almost no gluten that is why it is used in a mixture with wheat flour, it is rich in vitamins of B group and iron.

This type of flour is made of one type – baking type..

Rye flour contains a lot of healthy substances. Rye bread has been considered the essential in nutrition since olden times. In many countries of the world bread made of rye flour is considered a dietary product.

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высивкы на английском

Bran is a by-product of milling production, it is the hard outer layers of cereal grain, which is received when grinding grain and sorting its particles by size and weight.

Bran can be used in cooking and to feed farm animals.

Wheat bran is a source of a number of biologically active substances and dietary fibers, and contains an average of 15.1% protein, 3.8% fat, 53.6% carbohydrates, 8.2% dietary fibre, it is added to various dishes (soup, kissel, jelly, products of cutlet mixture, stuffed cabbage, etc.)  

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In the old times in Ukraine semolina was extremely rare and expensive product

Semolina of mark M has little white opaque grains. It is cooked quickly and provides maximum of volume increase. Semolina made of such groats is extremely tasty and useful.

Produced semolina from the Central part of the grain of wheat. In its chemical composition it is close to rice, but its protein content is superior. The digestibility of semolina is almost 100 per cent, thanks to its unique composition quickly restores energy costs.

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