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The production process begins with the procurement of raw materials - wheat and rye grain of appropriate quality. For the production of high quality flour the company buys wheat only of 1st, 2nd, 3rd class and rye of category A.

Grain automatically comes from complex of drying and storage of grain (elevator), manufactured by “ARAJ”, Poland.

All operations on the complex for drying and storage of grain are automated, and served by the operator.

Grinding is made on the mills manufactured by “Makina & Enerji” (Turkey), with the usage of the up-to-date technology.

  Due to double cleaning, triple dampening of grain, modern roller machines with microprocessor control and high-producing 8-sectional packet plansifters big total flour output is provided, including high grade flour.

 Mill equipment also allows to collect the germ of grain, which is a valuable source of bioactive substances and is widely used in the food, confectionery, baking, feed, perfume and pharmaceutical industries.

 Up-to -date technologies provide qualitative dampening and grain cleaning. Energy intensity of production is reduced, the range of milling blends is expanded, possibility of bulk storage of flour and formation of the simplified system of flour supply to customers are available. Accuracy in technology of flour production is reached by computer control of technological process and grinding, what also allows to make products by special orders: flour with quality indices in accordance with the order for production of pasta, bakery and others.

Equipment of new rye mill with capacity of 150 tons per day allows to produce hulled rye flour, whole- rye flour, there will be possibility to produce also by individual orders whole-wheat flour.

As it is known, the whole grain contains essential for a human proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, fiber, minerals and vitamins, including such unique as B2, B6, E and others. The whole milled flour contains grain germ and glume with a full set of biologically active substances, vitamins and minerals. This fresh grinding does not lose its nutritional value, maintains capacity for natural fermentation.

Accredited production and technological laboratories operate in order to ensure the production of high quality products at the enterprises in town Kolomyia and Drohobych, they are equipped with modern devices to determine the quality of grain and flour, laboratories employ high-class specialists.

 Production and technological laboratory of the enterprise is equipped with modern devices:

- to determine the quality of grain and in particular its processing we use the device "Amilotest" which measures "falling number" (for determination of autolytic activity of @ - amylase of flour and grain).

 - brightness measuring device "Blick-P3" for determination of the flour grade. This device allows the operator to determine the grade of flour during 1 minute and to respond quickly to technological process. Usual determination of flour grade requires 10-16 hours.

  -"Spektran-IT" for protein analysis of grain.

Each batch of flour is certificated.

 Separately, the company organized the packaging of ready-made products on semi-automatic machine PT-3 into paper bags (5 kg, 2 kg).

  From production department (mill building) on conveyer ready-made products come to the warehouse of ready-made products and from there they are sold to customers and are loaded directly from mill building into flour trucks for bulk transportation.

 The production process for processing wheat and rye grain is provided by its own material and technical facilities, the company also created its own independent power facilities.


The certificate held:

  • ISO 22000:2005
  • ECEC