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About us

Limited Liability Company "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" is a well known and respected producer of grain products of the highest quality. The main types of activity are the production of wheat flour, rye flour and related to them products such as groats and bran, which are sold in local and foreign export markets. We have been working in grain processing and professional flour milling for over 17 years.

Our products are represented under a registered brand TM "Albinos" in Ukraine and in the world. Besides the domestic market, we meet the need for flour and groats in the international markets, since our products meet all international quality standards. Our own full product assortment of TM "Albinos" can be found on the page Products.

Limited Liability Company "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" is one of the leading manufacturers of flour production in Ukraine and a big exporter of flour to other countries such as China, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Spain Germany and Hungary.

The range of products (Product line) of Limited Liability Company "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" includes wheat flour of high grade of TM “Albinos”, wheat flour of first grade, wheat flour of second grade, whole-wheat flour (whole meal flour), rye flour, bran, groats.

We value our customers and for this reason for production of our flour and other grain products, we choose the best varieties of wheat grown in ecologically clean agricultural regions of the country.

The process of flour production is continuously controlled by experienced specialists in accordance with ISO certificates and other quality standards. All our flour milling plants have been completed with modern equipment and quality control laboratories.

Close cooperation with national and foreign partners provides a strong basis for optimal price formation and competitive prices on domestic and international flour markets. We are interested in the development of the internal partner network and flour export to other countries. For more detailed information on exporting our products please contact us by details listed on the page Contacts, or visit the page Export.

The advanced new technologies, increase of production output, constant development and improvement, coordinated cooperation of skilled workers and respect for each client are the main principles of our company’s policy which we consider to be a good basis for achievement of new markets around the world in the future.

The purpose of LLC "Grain Remake Company “UMAS" is to meet the individual needs of population, industrial and private customers of the EU countries, Ukraine and our region.

The Mission of our company is to conduct activities as the operator-producer of grain products in the Ukrainian market and in the market of the EU countries, representing our country’s interests in the area of flour ​​ and cereals wholesale. As well our mission is to assist in the image formation of Ukraine as one of the biggest producers and exporters of grain crops in the world.

We invite for cooperation trade dealers and wholesalers and we hope that you will be satisfied with a choice of our products!

Quality of our products is

a combination of traditions and modern technologies.