History | Flour Miller UMAS LLC Albinos

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History | Flour Miller UMAS LLC Albinos

The Limited Liability Company “Grain-remake company “UMAS" was founded on May 5, 1998 as LLC “UMS” and in 2001 it was renamed to LLC “Grain Remake Company  “UMAS".

In August 1999 the first output of high quality wheat flour under the Тtrademark "ALBINOS" was produced with usage of up-to-date grain processing equipment with capacity of 50 tons per day, manufactured by the world famous company "ALAPALA" (Turkey).

Having won the prestige and trust at the local flour market (Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi regions), company expanded its production activity. The company bought mini-mill of domestic manufacture for processing rye grain. At that time, the company processed annually about 15,000 tons of wheat and 1,000 tons of rye.

In April 2005, after finishing the installation and start-up and adjustment work, a new roller mill was brought into action (company manufacturer "Makina & Enerji", Turkey) with a maximum capacity of 200 tons per day with full automated control of production, based on modern computer technology. Due to effective cleaning, triple damping of grain, modern roller machine with microprocessor control and high-producing 8-sectional packet plansifters, total flour output increased, including the flour of high grade. Mill equipment also allows to collect the germ of grain, which is a valuable source of bioactive substances and is widely used in the food, confectionery, baking, feed, perfume and pharmaceutical industries.

Simultaneously, the company had installed the first complex queue of drying and storage of grain with capacity of 5000 tons in order to provide the smooth operation of the new mill and creation of high quality grain reserve.

In 2012 within the program of Energy Efficiency in Ukraine (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD) the company made the 1st stage of Investment Project to increase energy efficiency of flour milling and grain storage, consequently the rye mill had been reequipped by energy efficient equipment in town Kolomyia, having increased its maximum capacity to 150 tons per day and complex of storage and drying of grain for 8500 tons.

Today the company has grown from the local level and not just in the sense of supplying and sale markets. Besides the fact that namely in Kolomyia there have been working 200-tonne wheat mill and 150-tonne rye mill, at the company’s Drohobych branch a 50-tonne mill has been working and also a 500-tonne mill Uzhgorod was bought, which consists of two lines with maximum capacity of 250 tons per day each.

At this moment we are reequipping mill in village Rozivka, Uzhhorod district, Zakarpattia region - roller mill, with nominal capacity of 900 tons per day (manufacturer "Selis Makina Endustrive Ticaret Ltd.Sti.", Turkey). Opening of the branch and beginning of work is planned at the end of 2015.

The company does not stop at these achievements. We have developed a project of building a vertically integrated structure based on our company of production, processing and bringing wheat grain and rye to the final consumption product.