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Mill equipment

Since 2001 LLC "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" is the official representative of the Turkish company manufacturing mill equipment" Ali Dost-Makina Imaliat Sanai".

Today we can offer all kinds of mill equipment from project planning and installation of equipment to its start-up and further maintenance.

Have been working on the equipment manufactured in Turkey for ten years, LLC "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" became convinced that Turkish - does not mean of poor quality (contrary to popular stereotype among ordinary citizens). Moreover, keeping high quality level of its products, the LLC "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" thus had not only gained fame as a reliable partner, but also contributed to advertising of Turkish flour-milling equipment on Ukrainian territories. And since 2005, LLC "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" became the official representative in Ukraine of Turkish firm" Makina & Enerji "(the company is now known as" Ali Dost Makina Imaliat Sanai").

"Makina & Enerji" was founded in 2000 by four Turkish firms and today is a famous and very powerful player in the field of world food industry, particularly in the manufacture of flour-milling and feed-milling plants and equipment for them. Highly qualified specialists work at he company "Makina & Enerji" ("Ali Dost Makina Imaliat Sanai): 70% of employees graduated from higher educational institutions with technical direction. The company had formed its own powerful research center.

The principal direction of "Makina & Enerji" ("Ali Dost Makina Imaliat Sanai") activity - is the manufacture of flour-milling and feed-milling plants (with capacity from 20 to 600 tons per day), delivered "on turnkey basis" from development of working project to commissioning works and training of working staff, and also manufacture of ancillary parts to the equipment. The company is actively engaged in international trade through its partners in various countries such as Germany, Algeria, Republic of China, Britain, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Ukraine.
As the official representative of "Makina & Enerji" ("Ali Dost Makina Imaliat Sanai”) in Ukraine LLC" Grain Remake Company "UMAS" today can offer to all interested persons high-quality technological equipment and components for flour-milling and feed industry, the mills with capacity from 20 to 600 tons per day and feed-milling plants. This is a full range of equipment for cleaning and dampening of grain, milling and sorting of milling products, transportation and packaging. These are dampening machines, cylinder separators, horizontal bran scourers, separators, aspirators, plansifters, rolling machines, cleaners, cylindrical detacher, finishing machines, magnetic separators, mixers and other manufactured by company "Makina & Enerji" ("Ali Dost Makina Imaliat Sanai). LLC " Grain Remake Company "UMAS" also deals with implementation of sketch and working draft, evaluation of technological possibilities facility reconstruction, modernization and complex reconstruction.

Name and address of the equipment manufacturer:

"Ali Dost Makina Imaliat Sanai"

Kiuchiuk Sanai Sitesi 71.Street № 2

19100 - Chorum/Turkey