Flour packaging machines | Albinos UMAS LLC


Weighing machine
Model: METK
It is used for continuous weighing and calculation of delivering amount of product delivered by flow.
Semi-automatic packing machine
Model: MEPM
It is used for packaging of flour and other bulk products with predetermined weight in bags.
Model: MUSB
It is used to smooth unloading stagnant bunkers by uninterrupted flow of drift flour.
Rebolting sifter
Model: MECP
It is recommended to use the product before packaging.
Model: MEDD
It is used for delivering flour horizontally and vertically to the control sieve.
Vitamin machine
Model: MEVM
It is used to deliver vitamins to flour.
Vibrating table
Model: MEVY
It is used at mills for distribution of product flow transportation especially in the form of powder or granules. Vibrating table sets the appropriate flow speed and adjusts the delivering of the product to the pneumatic system.

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