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Rye flour

Rye flour is made from rye grain and is intended for making bakery and confectionery products, contains almost no gluten that is why it is used in a mixture with wheat flour, it is rich in vitamins of B group and iron. This type of flour is made of one type – baking type..

Rye flour contains a lot of healthy substances. Rye bread has been considered the essential in nutrition since olden times. In many countries of the world bread made of rye flour is considered a dietary product.

Rye flour contains more of protein containing essential amino acids than wheat flour. Flour varieties differ in degree of grinding and bran content. This type of flour is received from rye not lower than of the 3rd grade. It is divided into two varieties: sifted and hulled.

Our product line:

  • Hulled rye flour

  • Sifted rye flour

The table of qualitative characteristics of the company's products: 


Hulled rye flour

Sifted rye flour


14,0-14,6 %








Flour ash content



Sieve residual

ø №45 – ≤ 2%

ø 27 – ≤ 2%


ø 38 – ≥60%

ø 38 –≥65%

Falling number, с



Raw gluten








50, 20, 10 kg

50 kg



Paper packets – 2 kg

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