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Bran is a by-product of milling production, it is the hard outer layers of cereal grain, which is received when grinding grain and sorting its particles by size and weight.

Bran can be used in cooking and to feed farm animals.

Wheat bran is a source of a number of biologically active substances and dietary fibers, and contains an average of 15.1% protein, 3.8% fat, 53.6% carbohydrates, 8.2% dietary fibre, it is added to various dishes (soup, kissel, jelly, products of cutlet mixture, stuffed cabbage, etc.). You can cook pastry of wheat bran or replace by them 30-50% of wheat flour when baking muffins, cookies; they should be used in cheese dishes, pumpkin, pies and babkas (a sweet yeast cake).

A significant amount of bran in bread reduces its digestibility, low admixture - improves taste.

Bran (mainly wheat and rye bran) - are valuable food for all kinds of farm animals.

Our product line:

  • Wheat bran

  • Rye bran

  • Granulated bran

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Wheat offal

Rye offal


Less 15,0%





Flour ash content


Sieve residual




Falling number, с


Raw gluten






25 kg



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