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In 2012 the company bought complex "Uzhgorodskyi" situated in village Rozivka, Uzhgorod district, Zakarpattia region, which includes wheat mill with nominal capacity of 500 tons per day (2 grain processing lines, 250 tons each), grain storage elevators and other material and technical base which is necessary for the operation of the enterprise.
The mill has an advantageous location, as it is located 3 km from Uzhgorod, 5-10 km from borders with Hungary, Romania and Slovakia; it is located on the highway Lviv-Uzhgorod and it has its own railroad sidetrack.
But the mentioned mill was equipped with outdated equipment (of 1960-1980), which was energy-intensive and used old technology. The company decided to re-equip the mill with energy efficient, modern equipment (manufacturer “Selis Makina Endustrive Ticaret Ltd. Sti.”, Turkey), thus increasing the maximum capacity to 900 tons per day. This replacement of equipment at the mill in city Uzhgorod will provide the usage of the latest world technologies, will enable to receive ready-made high quality product (flour), in accordance with international standards.
One of the main advantages of the mill in village Rozivka is provision of high quality grain preservation. As according to technological process even dry grain requires some care. Thus, it is necessary to separate the grain from the following factors:
- germination;
- the development of fungal mold;
- steam condensation;
- gassing;
- multiplication of pests;
- access of birds and rodents.
Roller machines of new generation which are equipped with a microprocessor control with low power consumption, high-performance cabinet plansifters and computer-control of production process were installed at this mill.
Equipment which will be installed at the mill Uzhgorod with maximum capacity of 900 tons per day of Turkish firm “Selis Makina Endustrive Ticaret Ltd. Sti.”, - is the equipment of the latest wheat processing technology in the world.
Now the mill is being reconstructed.
This process is divided into two stages.
The first stage - is the start up of the first equipment line (second half of 2015) with nominal capacity of 300 tons per day, and the second stage - the start up of the second equipment line (second half of 2017) with nominal capacity of 600 tons per day.
And also there is the complex for drying and storage of grain with capacity of 75 000 tons.