Branches LLC UMAS Albinos | Kolomyia



LLC "Grain Remake Company "UMAS" started its activity in 1998.
In June 1999 first output of high quality wheat flour was made under the trademark "ALBINOS".
A new roller mill is working at this moment in Kolomyia (company-manufacturer "Makina & Enerji", Turkey) with a maximum capacity of 200 tons per day with full automated control of production based on modern computer technology.
Due to effective cleaning, triple dampening of grain, modern roller machines with microprocessor control and high-producing 8-sectional packet plansifters general flour output had increased, including the flour of high grade.
The company installed a complex of drying and storage of grain with capacity of 5000 tons in order to provide the smooth operation of the new mill and creation of high quality grain reserve.
In 2012 the company within the Energy Efficiency Program in Ukraine (EBRD) re-equipped the rye mill in town Kolomyia with energy efficient equipment, having increased its maximum capacity to 150 tons per day (company-manufacturer "Makina & Enerji", Turkey) and increased a complex of storage and drying of grain for 13500 tons (company-manufacturer "ARAJ" Sp.z.o.o, Poland).
After re-equipment of the rye mill in Kolomyia with new equipment with capacity of 150 tons per day, the company had provided usage of the latest international rye grain processing technology in Western Ukraine for the first time, receiving ready-made products (rye flour) of high quality.
While using new equipment, roller mills, we provide improved production of high quality flour by new technology. When using new equipment during the production process the following was improved:
- Grain cleaning,
- Preparation of grain by laser sorting "Sortex",
- wet peeling machines were installed,
- grain dampening (triple),
- the range of forming milling blends was expanded,
- energy intensity of production will be reduced (cascade variant of flour supply)
- roller system work (is improved),
- fully automated system for packing flour and expanded opportunity of packaging in containers with a capacity of 50, 45, 20, 10, 5, 2 kg,
- the possibility of unpacked flour storage,
- simplified system of flour delivery to customers,
- computer support of all cleaning stages, grinding and packing,
- selection of flour for pasta production, semolina,
- less maintenance staff,
- computer control of product quality.
At new mills grain automatically comes from complex for drying and storage of grain. All operations in a complex for drying and grain storage are automatic and are maintained by the operator.
Today in town Kolomyia there have been working:
  • Roller mill with nominal capacity of 200 tons per day;
  • Mill for processing rye grain with nominal capacity of 150 tons per day;
  • Complex for drying and storage of grain with capacity of 13,500 tons;

In order to provide the production of high quality products at the enterprise in Kolomyia there operates accredited laboratory equipped with modern devices to determine the quality of grain and flour. High-class specialists work here.
Flour is tested (certified) for the presence of genetically modified organisms in accordance of the State Standards of Ukraine ISO 21571:2008, ISO 21569:2008. Products produced at the mill in Kolomyia are used in bakery, pastry shops, pasta factories, food and flavors enterprises, public catering enterprises and trade. Offal and grain bran are used for feeding animals by agricultural enterprises and the public.
The company provides the delivery services of ready-made products to customers, having at its disposal transport subdivision.