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Types of flour

Wholemeal – This type of flour is made of whole wheat grain, without any additional elements. 

Brown – This type of flour has about 85 percent of the original grain. Germ and bran are removed. 

White – It has about 75 percent of wheat grain. During the milling process, most of wheatgerm and bran are removed. 

Wheatgerm – It is brown or white or type with 10 percent of wheat germ. 

Malted wheatgrain – It is wholemeal or brown type with malted grains added. 

Stoneground – This kind of flour is ground between two stones. 

Organic – It is a type of flour that has been grown to organic standards by growers and millers, who must be registered. 

For those who likes experiments, there are a few different types of flour: 

Einkorn and Kamut Khorasan – an old types of wheat. 

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